Monday, February 22, 2010

dinner time.

alex quit his shitty office job! now we get to sleep in and make spicy hot cocoa cookies whenever we feel like it! i got this vegan recipe from my friend gabi's gorgeous food blog. these sugar coated cookies seriously sparkle!
mmm taco night with simple garlic cumin black beans, homemade salsa, crumbled and seasoned tempeh, and topped with lightly sauteed kale. we wished we could have had some diaya vegan cheese to try with these!
pretty damn awesome succotash. we mostly followed this recipe except left out black eyed peas, added some tomato paste, and accidentally used creole seasoning instead of cajun. oh! asparagus seems to have dropped in price which is spectacular because i can pretty much eat my body weight in asparagus on any given day. i love the stuff!
bbq seitan pizza with teese cheese
bbq seitan pizza with teese cheese
this bbq seitan pizza kicked ass and my boy is really proud that he made the crust from scratch based on a vegan with a vengeance recipe! we used a really tasty seitan by upton's naturals whose super cool packaging of a mustache bearing gentleman caught my eye instantly. plus, red onions, capers and teese cheese, too.


Nicky said...

Where was I??? That dinner looks fabulous (such nice presentation!!!)

Sorry about the "It's a small world" comment, hehe... not trying to bash it.. but it could use some help. I love Pirates of the carribbean. They did a good job of making look like you're really outside at night (until they leave a light on behind a door) haha!

Happy Monday- have a great week!

rachel / Red Lips Vintage said...

haha! no worries. i went back to disney in middle school and was definitely feeling disenchanted. everything seemed so lovely at three!

Isquisofrenia said...

holy crap
i totally forgot thank you for the sweater
i got it already
i love the colors


Andy Quirks said...

Damn it's so early in the morning and this is what you give me! I haven't had breakfast y'know! haha.


rennes le ch√Ęteau said...

All this looks so tasty! Thanks for sharing :)

Meggstatus said...

I am salivating over my computer, this looks amazing.

L said...


Meggstatus said...

PS I have three sewing machines at my house, but I can't figure out how to work any of them. I always hit a snag somewhere, and get too frustrated to finish!

isadora gometti said...

Boa noite rachel (good night)

thank you very much for the comment.

good pics, my brother is vegan too
and me... i'm trying to follow a kasher feeding, but its crazy..

kiss from brasil

where you live?

withloveaudra said...

yum!! made my mouth water just reading it :)

Ally,The Vintage Valley said...


erin :) said...

ahh.... i'm so hungry now. i feel like i just saw one of red lobster's commercials (maybe it's just me, but their commericials always put me in food-awe)

and i loveeeee asparagus, too!!! but i dont know how to cook it and i dont love it enough to eat it raw.. :x

thanks for sharing your delicious dinner! except i'm still hungry! ;) thanks for your wonderful comment as well! you are da bomb. :)

Varpu said...

Oh sweet, thanks for these! I've wanted to try seitan for so long, but I don't have my own kitchen at the moment so I don't really cook much these days.. such a shame I know!

Kelly Lauren said...

oh my goodness that all looks amazing! I'm starving now. I miss being vegan, but you inspire me to cook more vegetarian and vegan!

bri said...

Thanks so much! And the food looks wonderful.

Isquisofrenia said...

for sure i will
btw the foods looks delicious!

Molly said...

It's actually quite funny that you say where I live (Edinburgh, Scotland) looks like Hogwarts...because, I suppose, technically it is. J.K. wrote it not two blocks from my flat actually. The street she based Diagon Alley off of is my favourite...loads of Christmas stores and Joke shops.

And I need to get myself a pair of green shoes like that. You wouldn't think the chartreuse-type colour would go with a lot, but it definitely does. LOVE your blog! thanks for the comment :D

Lindsey Mills said...

YUM, that food looks awesome. Teese cheese rules when Daiya ain't around. I treated myself and got some for a dinner party I hosted in December. Made mini grilled cheeses - INCREDIBLE.

Coincidentally, I saw a post you made a few pages back about a trip to Gainesville, my current locale, and was shocked to see a picture of Chris, whom I suppose is a friend we have in common! I'm here repping vegan cuisine in the South, check it out:

Caroline Eve said...

i want those cooookies