Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Fabric Flower Hair Pin Tutorial

Fabric Flower Tutoral
I am in love with wearing flowers of all kinds in my hair this spring. Fabric flowers are beautiful, long lasting, eco-friendly and extremely easy to make yourself! You probably have most of the necessary materials already, but craft stores or beauty stores should have the rest. I used a piece of scrap orchid purple silk left over from this dress reconstruction, but any fabric will do. Be aware that some fabrics will fray a bit and it is completely up to you if you're into that sort of thing (I am!). When I first attempted to create a fabric flower, I freehanded the outline on a piece of card stock paper but Alex was awesome enough to create a printable flower stencil for this tutorial! The stencil may be adjusted on the computer to make any size flower you choose, so feel free to play with it! The whole process takes less than twenty minutes, and even less once you've done it a few times. Have fun and get ready to feel super crafty and cute in your fabric flower hair pin!
Fabric Flower Tutoral
You will need:
-scrap fabric (about 10" x 5")
-flower outline; sized, printed, and cut out (I sized mine at 2.5" x 2.5" but Alex made this outline so you could size it however you like on the computer. Thanks, Alex!)
-glue gun
-a thin foam sheet (i got mine for under a dollar at Michael's)
-a bobby pin with pad (found these in the bridal section of Michael's for $1.99)
-fabric marking pen
Fabric Flower Tutoral
Step 1 - The Cutting: Trace 5 flowers onto scrap fabric. Cut out carefully, but don't stress if you mess up a little. Cut out a small 2" x 1" rectangle from the same fabric to use as the center of the flower. Cut out a small .5" circle from the foam. Cut out an identical .5" circle from the fabric. Since we don't have a stencil for the rectangle or foam circle, just freehand it onto the material.
Step by Step Fabric Flower tutorial
Step 2 - The Petals: Place a tiny drop of glue onto the center of only 4 of the 5 cut out flowers (fig. a) and fold in half, pressing lightly (fig. b). Fold each flower in half again and place a droplet of glue between each side (fig. c).
Step 3 - The Center: Okay, now take the 2" x 1" rectangle of fabric and hold it in half lengthwise. Place a small drop of glue at innermost end, roll it together, and secure in place with another drop of glue (fig. d). Then, take the fifth cut out flower, fold it in half, and place a drop of glue on the end. Set the rolled up rectangle on the glue and roll the cut out flower around it, secure with more glue (fig. e). This should make a neat little center piece to attach the petals to (fig. f).
Flower Tutorial pt. 2
Step 4 - Putting it all together: Put a drop of glue at bottom point of each folded petal (fig. 1). Then, press each petal around the centerpiece (fig. 2) so they are all firmly glued in place (fig. 3). Glue the foam circle piece to the fabric circle piece (fig. 4). Glue the foam circle fabric side up to the base of the flower (fig. 5). Place a drop of glue on the pad of the bobby pin (fig. 6) and press foam circle to pad. Voila!
Step 5 - Take a bunch of silly photobooth photos of the flower in your hair and send them to me :) If you'd like to see more detailed photos of the step by step process, check out my flickr!
finished flower!!


Purple Deer said...

Oh thanks for the tidbit...will try. We have the same length of hair right now...and freckles on our noses!

M. said...

such a cute tutorial! I have two of these but I might need to make my own soon!

lovelove, M.

lumikha said...

aww! thanks so much for taking the time to do this. ps: love that last pic. heehee!

Little Ocean Annie said...

So cute!! I love that color, you look adorable in those pictures!

megan.tme said...

What a great tutorial. I'm totally going to Michael's tomorrow. Thank you!

whimsicalwardrobe said...

How adorable--I must try it! Thank you so much!

Tracy, The Wardrobe Wanderer

Allie said...

I am soo trying this! I have lots of left over fabric from my sewing projects :) btw I really love your hair, it's soo pretty :)

Hello Lindello said...

I love this idea (!) and it looks like something even I can manage :)

Dandelionkisses said...

Oh, thank you I must go find some and try it :)
Love this little flower project, I definitely want to try it out :)

Nicky said...

LOVE tutorials thanks..- and especially your thumbs up at the end ;) Think I just might try this one.

I can't believe you are going to see Rodrigo Y Gabriela... is it close to you? That music just makes my heart happy- dunno how else to describe it!

cinta / sepi / sayu said...

cute. freckles are cute too Xx

Margaret said...

:O i'm totally making like... 500 of these and wearing them all at once :D
thanks for the sweet comment!
stop back soon :) xx

charismagic said...

Cute project! xox

bravegrrl said...

and how cute do flowers look in your hair?

sooooooo cute!

beingdena said...

Thank you so much for sharing. I love the hair pin and can't wait to try making one myself. x

Dulcie said...

Such a cute blog, I love all the recycling and fresh ideas. Wish I was nifty with a needle! And you're hair is almost exactly how mine was about a year ago when I came back from China - I even had a perm! But I think it probably suits you better with your dainty features :)

Deer Prudence said...

Soooooooo lovely!!
Well done :)

Starr Crow said...

great post rachel. also, your the cutest.. just so you know. i love your wacky hair in the last photo!

DearBeatrice said...

so adorable! I want to make a whole bunch now, thanks dear! ^.^

Constance said...

lovely D.I.Y, and you look so cute wearing it!

Teresa said...

Really cool, Rachel! :)

Beeson Girls said...

wow, what a pretty hair pin! This is just the sort of thing I've been looking for (I've just very recently gotten into making my own decorative bobby pins)! =D
Thanks so much for taking the time to make this tutorial and share it with everyone - I will most definitely be making a few of these!!!
Love in Jesus,

Liang-Win said...

Now, thats interesting. Got another way of making fabric rose.


lovecrafts said...

Love it! thanks for sharing.

Barnicles said...

love the last pic, ur rawking that flower :) totally gotta try this !.

barnicles x

laine tsunaami said...

Thanks for sharing!!!

Sue Quarterman said...

Thanks for your tutorial. I love the flower. This way of making one is new to me . Love your photos too. The pin suits you. You both look really sweet.

Sue Quarterman said...

Thanks for sharing this. This method for making a rose is new to me. I will be making some of these for my granddaughter. She has her sweet sixteen soon. I'm sure she will love them.

Sue Quarterman said...

Thanks for your tutorial. I love the flower. This way of making one is new to me . Love your photos too. The pin suits you. You both look really sweet.