Saturday, August 28, 2010

vegan nacho extravaganza

vegan nachos
The most common response to the mention of my diet of choice is, "what on earth does a vegan eat anyway??" The answer is easy...we eat everything! Part of the fun of this diet is experimenting with new ingredients in order to veganize traditional meals. Lately Alex and I have been on a nacho kick! There are so many delicious nacho toppings and piling them all on tortilla chips takes next to no time at all! 
Here are my vegan nacho suggestions:
tortilla chips
beans (refried pintos -make sure they don't contain lard!- refried black beans, whole black or pinto beans, or even spiced lentils)
salsa (homemade is the best!)
pickled jalapenos
daiya cheese and/or cashew nacho cheese based on this recipe (i added a little paprika and chili powder to make it a little yellow)
shredded lettuce
tomatoes, onions, cilantro, avocado, black olives, scallions
vegan nacho cheese
Vegan nachos!


Melissa said...

Yum, gotta love nachos!

Dandelionkisses said...

Oooh yummy, I'm going to try out that cheese :)
(I love the recipes you post)

Emily said...

oh it so true. vegans can eat everything. its so much fun to experiment! oh my god! you need to make this vegan alfredo my boyfriend and i eat all the time. it has to be my favorite vegan dish! its just earth balance, garlic, toffuti cream cheese, soy milk, cornstarch, thyme.. and i think thats it. i just kinda eyeball the measurements, but im sure you can find a similar recipe online. or email me if your interested!

Andrea said...

Oh boy...I think my mouth just watered a bit. I love nachos, and I've been considering becoming a vegan for a while. This would definitely be a good way to start. :)

Tilly said...

Yum yum! That looks scrumptious!

J.P. said...

ooh i love daiya cheese!
it's the best melting "cheese" i've found and probably the best tasting.
i might need to make nachos today...

meganbarkley said...

I am in no way vegan, but lady, those nachos look yum!

Tess said...

So nice to see another vegan!

Daiya is my best friend, seriously. And I recently went gluten-free a few months ago, so this recipe sounds delicious!