Monday, November 22, 2010

Snow flurries and le crop n'pop

It's Monday but talk is already buzzing around my workplace about the impending snowstorm and wishful snow days (they're predicting 1 to 3 inches - nothing compared to our last winter in the Midwest but in Portland a few inches can shut the city down). Our produce bin arrived a day early and full of Thanksgiving fixin's so I am crossing my fingers for a snow day just so I can guiltlessly hole up in the apartment cooking, snuggling, listening to music, and drawing while pretty little snow flakes fall outside. This is my first November on the West Coast, and I have learned that walking in the freezing cold rain is torture and that having to decide between a rain jacket or winter coat is really lousy. I still like the windy nights, wearing a beret, and bundling up in my perfect red peacoat, though.

I've been studying these fantastic modern day pin up prints by Caitlin Shearer for drawing inspiration. As a lady who recently converted to thigh high stockings (vs. tights), I find Le Lock Stock'n Load to be pretty hilarious. Even in this cold, cold winter weather, thigh highs make me feel like a babe.


P U R P L E - D E E R said...

I wish we got snow days...California can be a rip off sometimes.

Rebekka Seale said...

You ARE a babe! And Caitlin is too.

JessicaBoots said...

completely and utterly amazing. So coool!!

Hetterson said...

Agreed! I only want to cook and bake stuff until the holidays are over! Tis' the season for eating ALOT!

jess said...

The drawings are so pretty.

Molly said...

Love these pics (and also your blog)

Naima Amarilli said...

Ohhh! Cute and sexy pics!


infra-red-ray said...

Hi there!

I've only just recently discovered your blog, and I'm smitten!

Not only do I love your fashion related posts, I'm also very impressed by how you include animal rights information, vegan food recipes and how you call peoples attention to current problems every now and then! I'm very engaged in the animal rights movement and a vegetarian myself. Not vegan, though.. but I'm in the happy position to have parents on the countryside and chickens in my neighbours garden, so I know where most of my lacto-ovo-stuff comes from! :-)

Of course, I'm also very into fashion and I read tons of fashion blogs, but what you include in your blog is something I've been missing elsewhere. Many bloggers don't even bother about wearing real fur. And I find that highly questionable..

Anyhoo, thumbs up for you and your blog, from both a fashion an a moral perspective! :-)

Mamushka Marie said...

oh i looove caitlins artwork...she is so talented and her pieces never cease to inspire me. <3

wroughtironstyle said...

It's cold here in Texas, too! Not freezing rain or snow cold, but cold enough for a beret and a coat and a mug of cocoa, so I'm happy about it!

Cute drawings!