Saturday, August 28, 2010

vegan nacho extravaganza

vegan nachos
The most common response to the mention of my diet of choice is, "what on earth does a vegan eat anyway??" The answer is easy...we eat everything! Part of the fun of this diet is experimenting with new ingredients in order to veganize traditional meals. Lately Alex and I have been on a nacho kick! There are so many delicious nacho toppings and piling them all on tortilla chips takes next to no time at all! 
Here are my vegan nacho suggestions:
tortilla chips
beans (refried pintos -make sure they don't contain lard!- refried black beans, whole black or pinto beans, or even spiced lentils)
salsa (homemade is the best!)
pickled jalapenos
daiya cheese and/or cashew nacho cheese based on this recipe (i added a little paprika and chili powder to make it a little yellow)
shredded lettuce
tomatoes, onions, cilantro, avocado, black olives, scallions
vegan nacho cheese
Vegan nachos!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

the saddest show on earth

You all know I'm vegan and love to eat vegan food, but I rarely mention why I chose this lifestyle. First and foremost, animal cruelty in the meat and dairy industry has sickened me so much that I cannot stand to eat food another living being has suffered for. There is much more to be said about a vegan diet, but I'll save that for another post. The thing is, the more I learn about the treatment of animals in aspects besides food (the fur industry, pet stores, entertainment, etc) the more shocked and appalled I become. Honestly, I think the majority of people just have no clue what happens to these animals, and even if you don't agree with PETA, I believe they deserve props for exposing the cruelty inflicted on animals that largely goes ignored.

I was really disappointed to see an ad for the Ringling Brothers Circus on a PDX bus yesterday...apparently the circus is coming to Portland Sept. 2 - 5. The elephants performing in the "saddest show on earth" are held captive, brutally beaten, shocked, and whipped during training to learn tricks that an elephant is simply not designed to perform. It enrages me that mankind continues to use violence and power to dominate animals. Someone needs to wake up and realize that animals are helpless to the evils of humans; they need to be protected and sheltered from the cruel hand of man!
Ringling Beats Elephants
I am urging to you become informed about what is really going on with animals in the entertainment industry. Ignorance may seem like bliss, but it's time for a reality check.

Visit Ringling Bros Beats Animals to read the stories of the animals enslaved to the circus. I understand these images can be very hard to see, I myself can barely stomach it, but if you love animals you must take a stand. If you live in Portland, Food Fight is organizing protests against the upcoming circus show. Click here to get involved.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The Best of Red Lips Vintage

I really loved setting up shop for Red Lips Vintage. Part of me and Alex's decision to spend winter in Indianapolis revolved around the ability to live cheaply so I could thrift my little heart out and spread my hard earned vintage treasures around the world. As a clueless recent graduate with no desire to pursue art history, this leap of faith brought me an overwhelming sense of purpose that I'd never experienced before in my young life. Red Lips Vintage's success gave me a creative effort to dive head first into, a sort of awakening that I am in fact creative, hard working, and ambitious. Is it silly that I didn't know this until I was 21 years old? I arrived in Indiana with this mission and when folks asked me where I was headed with it, I knew Red Lips Vintage may not be my life's work, but would absolutely lead me to it. I made 328 sales and 1497 shop hearts in a 7 month time span, and will be forever proud of that accomplishment as I pursue my love of sewing and newfound interest in lingerie design. To be honest, it's kinda scary to be scrambling again without a steady income from etsy sales, but I'm okay with a little uncertainty.

Thank you so, so much to my lovely customers, sweet blog readers, supportive friends, Alex, and especially my parents, who have always encouraged me to make my dreams a reality. My heart is open to you all! Red Lips Vintage may be winding down with a closing sale, but there's still time for a little round of The Best of Red Lips Vintage. To be fair, these are just some of my favorite shop photos...Man, I am going to miss my Indianapolis photo spot more than anything! Such. Good. Lighting.
Teal Baby Girl DressDoll Drop Waist Dress
Calivintage GiveawayStriped Bodysuit
Coachella Crop TopSeafoam Skinnies
auction favesRed Culottes
red lips vintage on etsyred lips vintage on etsy
Blue is the color of my true love90s mini w/ rose print
oversize flannel
daisy hot shorts
Short Blk Cotton UnitardTea Time Polka Dot Dress
Folk Singer DressWorking Girl TrousersVelvety Floral DollFloral Jumper with Cutout BackAudrey's Black Dress
Click here to check out Red Lips Vintage for discounted vintage goodies starting at $8.99!

August Playlist

Here's a playlist of songs that have been my favorite to listen to this summer; I'd originally envisioned the mix to be much more country, but as it turned out, it's a little bit of everything. Let me know if it strikes your fancy and makes you dance around the house a little bit...or if you love any song so much you play it over and over (I'm so very guilty of this). Know any great bluegrass/country/string/international/classic bands? I am always open to new music suggestions, so please dish!