Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Colette Patterns: Ladies in lingerie

Colette Valentine's Day
Hello hello! I'm elated to finally share these photos from a very spur of the moment Valentine's Day photo shoot for Colette Patterns. I'm still pretty amazed that plans for this lingerie shoot came to fruition in less than a week! From sewing to styling to modeling, I was able to join in on all the fun parts of bringing this vision to life. As always, it was a dream working with Sarai, whose color palette and sewing patterns are endlessly inspiring. Anja and dalas brought a wonderful sense of composition and camera know-how to the set and really captured the girlish fun that sweet Jade and I had during the shoot. We faux knitted, played go fish (with a set of vintage playing cards I received at an Apartment Therapy themed white elephant exchange), and embroidered (little pink hearts, of course). Caitlin and Sarai rearranged the studio and styled props to make the perfect set. You can't even tell that we're lounging in the middle of the CP sewing studio!

I learned a couple things about modeling during this shoot: be versatile in your movements, play off the other model's mood, have fun, relax, and breathe! (Thanks to Molly for the tips!) Oh, and my cousin told me that if it hurts or feels awkward it probably looks great, haha (which was definitely the case in the third photo from the bottom, luckily it only took one frame to get the perfect shot!)

Keep an eye out on the Colette Patterns blog for Nutmeg themed tutorials from yours truly...I have quite a few lacy DIY's headed that way! You can also check out extras from the shoot right here. Anddd, take a look at the front page of Colette Patterns. Yay! 
Colette Valentine's Day
Colette Valentine's Day
Colette Valentine's Day
Colette Valentine's Day
Colette Valentine's Day
Colette Valentine's Day
Colette Valentine's Day


She Can't Decide said...

oh how sweet! the both of you look lovely in the designs...so VERY romantic in a timeless way!

I also took a peek at the video on their blog..so cute! congrats to you!!

Kathleen said...

This shoot is so lovely. All the pastel colors make it feel like a dream.

Dandelionkisses said...

Oh, so darling!
I love these photos, so pretty :)
It looks like it was fun.

And thanks for your comment, it was sweet! Ooh, thank you for the pattern and I will check out Etsy, and when I do end up making something worthy of sharing I'll definitely let you know :)

Windsor Grace said...

Breathtaking! The pictures are beautiful! You look great. I love the girly, pretty colors. If I wasn't living on a student loan, I would snatch up some of the collection

rachel / Red Lips Vintage said...

grace, the good news is you have to sew these babies yourself! Nutmeg is a really great lingerie sewing pattern, so you can't actually buy these pieces.

I sewed the teal set and the pink bottoms!

Amber Blue Bird said...

such pretty and romantic images, you look lovely miss Rachel

casey said...

I love this shoot! You and Jade make beautiful models for the Nutmeg pattern. :) I just love the set-up too!

♥ Casey | blog

P U R P L E - D E E R said...

The colors are so endlessly fun! I love it!

Fran said...

Exquisite photos! They’ve inspired me to try my hand a making some lingerie.

Marie said...

What a sensuous photo shoot/lingerie, I love it! I'm definitely getting this pattern!

Toni Marie said...

Lovely photos! You are a stunning lingerie model! I wish I could sew, I would love a pretty set like that :)

Love_Again said...

great photos! the shoot sounds/looks as if it was lots of fun!

frk.bustad said...

So beautiful pictures! Love the atmosphere they create. You both look amazing!

mix it up said...

This is a beautiful photo shoot and very inspiring, i had never really thought about making my own lingerie but its all i have thought about since reading this post yesterday and will defiantly be on my to do list.
Michaela x

Gabby said...

I love this shoot. It looks so effortlessly chic.
www.thegiftofgab-gabby.blogspot.com (fellow lover of vintage)

avalonne lou summers said...

You look so stunning! I'm adoring your hair so much. And the lingerie is so pretty, love the colors! I wish my hair was wavy, I really want shoulder length wavy bob!

SoapyMermaid said...

beautiful blog. this series of photos are wonderfully inspired. thanks ;)

Aliya said...

what an amazing blog you have! these pictures are simply stunning!!

x Aliya