Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Erica Tanov: Fall 2011

Erica Tanov: Fall 2011 by Jona Frank from sarah caplan on Vimeo.
After seeing this video, I love Erica Tanov 10x more than ever. We carry a few of her loungewear pieces at Lille and I am constantly drawn to examine the details. Upon close inspection I discovered that the "Made in USA" tag says "Love your dog. Even if she's stinky." I don't have a dog, but dang, that's cute!

Monday, December 12, 2011

Yasmine Eslami

I have been a lingerie crazy lady lately. Totally love the new Yasmine Eslami that arrived at Lille today. I wanna be french...

Thursday, December 1, 2011


Just ordered 5 yards of silk to make a long sleeved Peony dress and a Taffy blouse (from the Colette Patterns book). In the meantime, I'll be cutting up a beautiful vintage curtain to create a pencil skirt and I have a muslin sewn up from a vintage shift dress pattern that will eventually be made of shimmery olive green linen (I just need help fitting the bodice...or perhaps I will reference the Colette book, which is awesome/amazing/wonderful and beyond). Plus, yesterday I finished a chiffon tank top for Nico. Busy, busy little bee. 

Oh, and just one more long over due update: I totally conquered the 30 day yoga challenge in October. I didn't miss a single day of class! It is amazing how motivating yoga babes and a sticker board with my name on it can be...